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Asthma – Canadian Thoracic Society 2012 guideline

Asthma: A chronic inflammatory condition in which airways are hyper-reactive to environmental (allergenic, irritants, infectious) and / or intrinsic factors Key Points Clinical suspicion should be confirmed with pulmonary function testĀ forĀ the presence of reversible airway obstruction Regular reassessment of lung

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Acute Heart Failure CCS 2012 Guideline

Initial workup Hx, PE, ECG, CXR, B/W (lytes, Cr, CBC, +/- Trop/BNP) Unlikely to be AHF – consider other Dx Uncertain – Test BNP BNP <100 – consider other Dx BNP100-500 – consider use of AHF score, eg PRIDE BNP

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CHF CCS 2012 Guideline

Risk factors HTN, Hyperlipidemia Ischemic or valvular heart dz DM Heavy EtOH, Smoking Chemotherapy Fam Hx of heart failure Symptoms Breathlessness, orthopnea, PND Fatigue, Confusion (esp in elderly) Leg swelling Signs Lung crackles, DVP, Positive HJR Displaced apex, S3, S4,

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Dyslipidemia CCS 2012 Guideline

Who to screen? Men >=40yo Women >=50yo or postmenopausal Pt with the following conditions Smoker or COPD Obesity – BMI >27 DM or CKD (eGFR<60) or Arterial HTN Clinical evidence of atherosclerosis, AAA, Clinical evidence of hyperlipidemia (xanthomas, xanthelasmas, premature

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