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Shaken-baby Syndrome

Mechanism: Angular / rotational deceleration causing cerebral concussion & subdural hematoma. It is the sudden angular deceleration experienced by the brain & cerebral vessels, not the specific contact forces applied to the surface of the head, that results in teh

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Low Back Pain – McMaster2009

Low Back Pain Acute <6wk, subacute 6-12wk, chronic >12wk Lifetime prevalence: 90% & 90% resolved in 6wk, <5% become chronic Peak prevalence: 45-60yo Most common cause of chronic disability in <45yo 1) In a patient with undefined acute low-back pain

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Anemia – AAFP 2013

Anemia A decrease in RBC mass that can be detected by [Hb], hematocrit, and RBC count Adult males: Hb <130g/L or Hct <0.41 Adult female: Hb Hx: Anemia symptoms – fatigue, malaise, weakness, dyspnea, decreased exercise tolerance, palpitations, h/a, dizziness,

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Obesity – CCPG 2006

1  In patients who appear to be obese, make the diagnosis of obesity using a clear definition (i.e., currently body mass index) and inform them of the diagnosis. BMI = kg/m² – poor predictor of obesity Should be measured in

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