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Dizziness – AAFP 2010

Non-vertiginous dizziness: Syncope Sudden transient LOC due to global cerebral HoTN Cardiac arrhythmias, AS, vasovagal, orthostatic HoTN, hyperventilation, metabolic causes (HoTN, med S/E, caffeine, nicotine) High mortality / Morbidity: CVA, AS, arrhythmias, high ICP If CPR or cardioversion required, then

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Dehydration – BC Guideline 2010

Dehydration XS intracellular fluid loss (from GI, skin, or kidney) usually due to hypovolemia Highest morbidity and mortality in peds Hypovolemia 1) Hypertonic/hypernatremic GI losses, fever, DM, renal dz Net loss of extracellular water, or gain of sodium 2) Isotonic

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Poisoning – McMaster Module

1 As part of well-child care, discuss preventing and treating poisoning with parents (e.g., “childproofing”, poison control number). Keep items locked and out of reach/sight. Don’t refer to medicine as “candy”. Keep meds in their original containers with safety lids, don’t

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Fractures – TN2014

Fractures Description 1) Integrity of skin / soft tissue Closed: skin / soft tissue over and near fracture is intact Open: skin / soft tissue over & near # is lacerated or abraded, # exposed to outside environment Signs: continuous

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Lacerations – TN 2014

Lacerations – Hx What is the cause? How clean are the surroundings? Was a bite involved? Human/canine / feline? How long ago did it occur? Any FB may remain deep in the wound? Any underlying compound #? Tetanus immunization status

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