Exam Prep resource: flashcards on medications in Family Medicine

Allow me to interrupt the usual updates on CCFP exam topics and introduce you to a neat resource made by an old friend of mine. As he puts it:
“FP Drug Cards is a deck of flashcards on 120 medications carefully selected for their relevance in family medicine and general medicine. Each card contains the drug’s class, mechanism of action, adverse events, dosing, and other relevant notes such as contraindications and monitoring parameters.”

fm drug cards

I have peer-reviewed these flashcards, and I think they are a great exam prep tool to review some important meds.
He has kindly offered readers of www.ccfpprep.com (that’s you!) a 20% discount. Just type in “ccfpprep.com” in the coupon field as you check out.
Check it out at www.drbillylin.com/cards/
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