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CFPC Self Learning – SAMP 2012

2012 1. Trigeminal Neuralgia Mrs. Smith, aged 57, suffers from sudden, brief, severe, recurrent episodes of left-sided stabbing pain over her left cheek and forehead. She describes it as electric shock-like pains that are triggered when brushing her teeth or

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CFPC SAMP 2013-2015

2015 SAMP 1. Barrett esophagus (squamous -> columnar epithelium @ distal esophagus): 56yo smoker, 3xETOH/d, with worsening reflux. Rx PPi List 4 risk factors for developing Barrett esophagus Cigarette smoking chronic reflux symptoms / GERD Hiatal Hernia Increasing age (>50yo),

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SAMP 1999-2005 (book3)

`1) Parkinson’s dz a) Classic Triad: Tremor, Rigidity, Akinesia b) Yes, Parkinson’s dz can be hereditary c) Neurotransmitter: Dopamine – decreased d) Tx & 2 s/e: Levodopa – Orthostatic HoTN, N/V, dyskinesia, psychiatric disturbances Bromocriptine – pedal edema, pleuropulomonary reaction, retroperitoneal fibrosis

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MS – TN 2014

A chronic inflammatory dz of CNS characterized by relapsing remitting, or progressive neurologic symptoms due to inflammation, demyelination and axonal degeneration Clinical features Relapsing remitting (RRMS) 85% (0.4-0.6 relapses /yr, highest in the 1st year) – most go on to

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Loss of Weight – UpToDate

Loss of Weight Clinically important weight loss is traditionally defined as loss of more than 5 percent of usual body weight over six months. Major causes of weight loss 1) Voluntary weight loss Drugs Rx ↓ obesity: rimonabant, orlistat, phentermine, sibutramine,

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Disability – CGS 2011 & NICE

1  Determine whether a specific decline in functioning (e.g., social, physical, emotional) is a disability for that specific patient. Impairment: any loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological, or anatomical structure or function Disability: any restriction or lack of ability to

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Well-baby Care – RBR / CPS2013

1 Measure and chart growth parameters, including head circumference, at each assessment; examine appropriate systems at appropriate ages, with the use of an evidence-based pediatric flow sheet such as the Rourke Baby Record. Chart wt, ht, head circumference on growth scale Correct

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Palliative Care – BC guideline 2010

1  In all patients with terminal illnesses (e.g., end-stage congestive heart failure or renal disease), use the principles of palliative care to address symptoms (i.e.., do not limit the use of palliative care to cancer patients). A palliative approach is

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Red Eye – UpToDate

 Red Eye ddx Lids/orbit/lacrimal system Hordeolum / chalazion Blepharitis Entropion / ectropion FB / laceration Dacryocystitis / dacryoadenitis Conjunctiva / sclera Subconjunctival hemorrhage Conjunctivitis Dry eyes Pterygium episcleritis / scleritis preseptal / orbital cellulitis Cornea FB (including contact lens) Keratitis

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Elderly – TN2014

Geriatric Giants Memory Falls Incontinence Polypharmacy 5 Is of Geriatrics Immobility Intellect Incontinence Iatrogenesis Impaired homeostasis 1  In the elderly patient taking multiple medications, avoid polypharmacy by: – monitoring side effects. – periodically reviewing medication (e.g., is the medication still

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