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Infectious Diseases – ED

Infectious Diseases 1. Given a patient with a suspected severe infection, use empiric antibiotics early, before completing investigations. 2. In a patient with serious systemic infection, look for and recognize septic shock and treat septic shock aggressively when found, using

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Environmental – ED

Environmental 1. Suspect the diagnosis of heat stroke in a patient with altered mental status and fever in a situation of heat stress, and act immediately to reduce the temperature. Prickly heat rash – sweat more than normal leading to

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First-Trimester Bleeding – ED

First-Trimester Bleeding 1. In a patient with acute vaginal bleeding, look for and recognize early signs of shock (e.g., vital signs, orthostatic changes). General Approach – ABC, O2, Monitor, O- blood, cross match 2. Given a patient with vaginal bleeding,

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Suicide Risk – ED

Suicide Risk 1. Given a patient presenting with suicidal ideation or psychiatric complaints, inquire specifically about risk criteria for suicide (e.g., SAD PERSONS scale, hopelessness, lack of supports, impulsivity) to assess the risk of subsequent suicidal behaviour. Suicide note, sex

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Pre-Eclampsia – ED

Preeclampsia: new onset of hypertension and proteinuria or the new onset of hypertension and significant end-organ dysfunction with or without proteinuria after 20 weeks of gestation in a previously normotensive woman Proteinuria ≥0.3 g in a 24-hour urine specimen or

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