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Atrial Fibrillation – CCS2014

Paroxysmal: self-terminating <7d Persistent: sustained >7d or req cardioverison Permanent: >1yr Valvular: rheumatic MV dz, prosthetic valve, valve repair Lone AF: age SAF score – impact on QOL: 0 – asymptomatic, 1 – min effect, 2 – minor, 3 – moderate,

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Ischemic Heart Disease – CCS 2014 Guideline

A focused Hx and PE be obtained to elucidate symptoms, cardiac risk factors, medical history signs of CV disease or other aetiologies of symptoms  Chest Pain Criteria Substernal chest discomfort with characteristic quality and duration Dull retrosternal discomfort/ache/heaviness that might or might

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HTN – CHEP Guideline 2014

Technique for measuring BP Use calibrated sphygmomanometer or electronic device (quiet room, take at 1-2min intervals, ≥ 6, the first is taken by a health professional to verify cuff position & validity of the measurement, average latter 5) Appropriate bladder size:

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Acute Heart Failure CCS 2012 Guideline

Initial workup Hx, PE, ECG, CXR, B/W (lytes, Cr, CBC, +/- Trop/BNP) Unlikely to be AHF – consider other Dx Uncertain – Test BNP BNP <100 – consider other Dx BNP100-500 – consider use of AHF score, eg PRIDE BNP

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CHF CCS 2012 Guideline

Risk factors HTN, Hyperlipidemia Ischemic or valvular heart dz DM Heavy EtOH, Smoking Chemotherapy Fam Hx of heart failure Symptoms Breathlessness, orthopnea, PND Fatigue, Confusion (esp in elderly) Leg swelling Signs Lung crackles, DVP, Positive HJR Displaced apex, S3, S4,

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Dyslipidemia CCS 2012 Guideline

Who to screen? Men >=40yo Women >=50yo or postmenopausal Pt with the following conditions Smoker or COPD Obesity – BMI >27 DM or CKD (eGFR<60) or Arterial HTN Clinical evidence of atherosclerosis, AAA, Clinical evidence of hyperlipidemia (xanthomas, xanthelasmas, premature

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