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MS – TN 2014

A chronic inflammatory dz of CNS characterized by relapsing remitting, or progressive neurologic symptoms due to inflammation, demyelination and axonal degeneration Clinical features Relapsing remitting (RRMS) 85% (0.4-0.6 relapses /yr, highest in the 1st year) – most go on to

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Dizziness – AAFP 2010

Non-vertiginous dizziness: Syncope Sudden transient LOC due to global cerebral HoTN Cardiac arrhythmias, AS, vasovagal, orthostatic HoTN, hyperventilation, metabolic causes (HoTN, med S/E, caffeine, nicotine) High mortality / Morbidity: CVA, AS, arrhythmias, high ICP If CPR or cardioversion required, then

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Meningitis – CID 2004

Meningitis: Inflammation of the meninges surrounding the brain & spinal cord Peak age: 6-12 mo, 90% <5yr Common Organisms 0-4wk: GBS, E Coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Klebsiella 1-23mo: GBS, E Coli, S. Pneumo, N. Meningitidis, H. Influenzae >2yr: S. Pneumo, N.

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Headache – AAFP 2013

International Classification of Headache Disorders, 2nd ed. (ICHD-2) Primary: Tension-type Migraine Cluster Other: cold-stimulus headache, exertional, cervical OA, TMJ syndrome Secondary: Head or neck trauma: SAH, ICH Cranial or cervical vascular disorder: stroke, venous sinus thrombosis Nonvascular intracranial disorder: increased ICP

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Stroke – Canadian Stroke Best Practice Guideline 2010

Stroke Sudden onset of neurological deficits (focal, lasting >24hr) of a vascular basis with infarction (permanent tissue injury) of CNS tissue – can be confirmed by neuroimaging Not an evolving neuro deficit over several days Hemorrhagic stroke ~20% & ischemic

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Parkinsonism – Canadian Guideline 2012

Parkinson’s Dz: Extra Pyramidal Syndrome Key Features: TRAP Tremor: asymmetric 3-5hz “pill-rolling” resting or postural tremor, especially in hands Tremor ↓ with movement Rigidity: lead-piperegidity with cogwheeling due to superimposed tremor Thoughtout the whole ROM, the rigidity affects both flexor and extensors

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Seizure – CMAJ 2003

Seizure:  Transient neurological dysfunction caused by xs activity of cortical neurons, resulting in paroxysmal alteration of behaviour &/or EEG changes Epilepsy: Chronic condition characterized by ≥ 2 unprovoked Sz Status Epilepticus: Unremitting Sz >5min or successive Sz w/o return to

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Cognitive Impairment – AFP2011

1 In patients with early, non-specific signs of cognitive impairment: a) Suspect dementia as a diagnosis. b) Use the Mini-Mental State Examination and other measures of impaired cognitive function, as well as a careful history and physical examination, to make

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